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Publishing to print and digital has never been so easy. We have created the perfect platform for swift and easy magazine publishing. CAOS provides the visual overview you need from start to finish.

No more spreadsheets, file clutter, missed proof readings and workflow mishaps. The solution is easy and fast to implement and we will be there to help you all the way.



Plan all pages, sections and ads in your magazine and make every step of the process a visual and dynamic experience.


CAOS generates hi-res previews of your magazine's content from indesign documents, so you can easily cycle through it with the page-turner and get an idea of the final result.

Comment tool

With the build-in comment tool in CAOS - you can proofread and comment directly into the InDesign document.


Automatic pagination makes it possible to move and swap pages on your flatplan and instantly renew their pagenumbers.


The substitute to spreadsheets – Get all the dates, names and numbers of your magazine, in collums and rows. Edit directly in the table and export to HTML and print.


The name says it all. Workflow. Get a better and more efficient production with our workflow solution. Each magazine can have their own customized workflow, and can be managed from InDesign.


Let CAOS generate the HTML for you, by publishing your stories directly from InDesign documents, to your magazine's website.

Batch Operations

Let CAOS do all the time consuming tasks such as: pagination, preflight, PDF generation, send to translation, printouts and converting documents; and use your energy on creative stuff instead.


Ad booking/material system

CAOS can communicate with almost any adbookingsystem. You chose which bookingdata, placement requests and comments should show up on the flatplan together with a preview of the ad. Placing ads have never been easier.

Elpical Claro Premedia

magPeoples own imagefilehandler, magPicture, which allows your images to be sent to whatever process, and returned, from within InDesign, is fully integrated into CAOS. This allows the editorial team to not only follow the progress of the document, but also the progress of the imagehandling.

Drupal web CMS system

CAOS will extract tags and keywords from Drupal and allow the user to categorize and supply content to the CMS from within InDesign.


A big part of translation is keeping track of what document has been sent to who – and when – and has it returned? CAOS takes care of all that. CAOS will monitor all outgoing and incoming InDesignfiles, renaming the documents to their new language and of course placing the documents on the corresponding flatplan.

Enfocus Switch

Through partnership with Enfocus, magPeople have created a CAOS-configurator in Switch which essentially makes the possibilities endless when it comes to how files are handled, and how automation in Switch can be called upon from CAOS.


CAOS will connect to any Active Directory, keeping accounts and logins to CAOS in perfect sync with the company's access policy.

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